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Founders Story 
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The fillyourcup method 
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The ripple effect

Selfcare is not selfish 

Thanks for taking action and meeting me here. 

Whether you’re here out of curiosity,  an urgent need to fillyourcup and improve your health and wellbeing, through the universal law of attraction, or somewhere in between, I promise this short letter and brief video will be worth your valuable time and attention. 

"Selfcare is not selfish, it empowers us to be more selfless and serve from a place of overflow"  Rory Callaghan

Wherever you are, you’ve probably have got TWO questions: 

Why is fillyourcup here?  And what can it help me with? 

fillyourcup is an adaptable, integrated and personalised platform for holistic health and wellness so that, together, we can reduce the chronic burden of preventable disease. 

Or, to put it another way: I got sick and tired of seeing the people I care about get sicker and sicker. They got stuck, chasing symptoms, oblivious, distracted, disconnected from the real cause. 

One of those persons was ME.  Seeing rock bottom "an empty cup" inspired me to make sure no one else needed to buy their health back. We "know enough" in this evolved age to make changes now through inspired action, rather than a desperate need!

The video above shares my story, how Fillyourcup was born, how it can matter to you, how it can help you finally take command of your health, control of your weight and contribute more to the world around you, now and for good. 

If this video resonates with you, I invite you to check out Video 2 and 3. In the next 2 videos I share a simple integrated method for health and wellness and how we can all serve from overflow.

If it doesn’t connect with you now, that’s alright too. I honour each person’s unique journey, and am grateful to have shared this small part of yours, and wish you blessings, love and success as you venture on. 

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this letter and watch the training video. I hope to meet you again soon!


Rory Callaghan
Founder fillyourcup 
Chase health, happiness and connection

8  - Copyright 2016  Fill Your Cup
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