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What if you knew how to optimise your human vessel, the human experience and even the human condition? 
Even better... What if we helped empower you to do it? 

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My name is Rory Callaghan. I am an allied healtth professional from Australia. I burnt out at 26 and decided to be part of the solution rather than the ongoing problem. I beleive that lifestyle and connection are the ultimate medicines. Especially when connected to nature! I wrote the selfcare book initially for myself.; I'm aware that we all teach what we most need to learn ourselves right? But deep down I built this selfcare framework & the platform over the last 5 years for my family and friends. Which means it is for you, your family and friends too. Download the free framework below, join the peer to peer support group and lets share some daily rituals so that we can help each other moving up the health and wellbeing spectrum and thrive together as global bluezone communities. #wemeone

"This framework has completely changed my life! It simply increased my self - awareness and how I want to design my own life in a new, healthy & sustainable way. " Marta D. 
What's in this futuristic framework for you? 
  •  A Personlised Approach to good health and wellbeing - No more sickcare! 
  •  A Personalised Health Spectrum: Find out which of the 4 zones you are living in
  •  Learn about the 95% that is within your control and daily lifestyle choices! 
  •  Explore the 12 Medcines: Merging ancient wisdom with a modern world 
  •  Learn how to fill your own cup each day and serve from overflow #fillyourcup
  •  Empowering education so that you can make self informed decisions with some “noise-cancelling headphones” to help you make better choices and work through all the pseudo-science, pink elephants, red herrings, fake-bews, clever marketing and confusion.
  •  Join an exclusive SelfCare Daily Rituals Community: Connection is medicine and support is the key to lasting behavioural change. Invite your friends and engage with experts and health enthusiasts from around the world. Be an active part of the selfcare revolution! I will be in there too! 
Our people! are every day people like you :)
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